Build Turbines, Not Pipelines

This is my reaction to the idea of yet another massive oil pipeline project going right through the heart of the US.  Yes, i know we still need to maintain the current oil-based energy infrastructure to some extent for the time being, but do we really need a to build something that’s is almost guaranteed to leak and cause damage.  If we’re going to Read more about Build Turbines, Not Pipelines[…]

Master of One Podcast 34.2: Designers Panel Discussion

I’m very glad to take part of the Master of One Podcast  for the second time. I had a great time hanging out on Skype and recording a chat with fellow designers & illustrators Ryan Davis, Brian “Doc” Reed, and Nick Morrison. We get into our struggles and trade tips on making a name for yourself in today’s online landscape. Read more about Master of One Podcast 34.2: Designers Panel Discussion[…]

Comic Avatar Hero Posters for Imperative

I’ve had to good luck to work with Imperative on a number of projects of the past few years. They have program to help business and individuals find greater in their careers and in life. One way they start the process is through a user questionaire to determine your “purpose type”. Recently the came to me to Read more about Comic Avatar Hero Posters for Imperative[…]

Drawing Taco Gal on Facebook Live

Been playing with live drawing on a number of streaming platforms including Periscope, and now Facebook Live (on both my personal and Fan page). This was my first time trying it on my Facebook fan page and so far the response has been pretty good in terms of viewers. It seems the algorithms favor Read more about Drawing Taco Gal on Facebook Live[…]

TCAF 2016 This Weekend!

I will be exhibiting at this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival, aka TCAF. Come see me and Laura Galbraith! This is our first time at the event and our first time in the city. We’re looking forward to meeting all our northern neighbors. I’ve heard so many good things about the festival and the city. More Read more about TCAF 2016 This Weekend![…]

Butts Butts Butts – Bob’s Burgers Print

Bob’sBurgers may be my favorite show on TV right now. There are many shows my wife and I love, but Bob’s Burgers literally the only one show we carve out time from our busy schedules to watch regularly. That’s why I’m super excited to be a part of Gallery 1988’s official Bob’s Burger’s show with my tribute to Tina Read more about Butts Butts Butts – Bob’s Burgers Print[…]