Rick and Morty Print

  Yeahhhhhh!!! I’m very excited to share my new Rick and Morty print for the official art show at Gallery 1988 (West). This is one of my favorite shows  (maybe ever), so of course I had a hundred ideas of what I should draw, right? Nope! Because I didn’t think it would ever happen. Also the show is so Read more about Rick and Morty Print[…]

Seinfeld Print: “Utter Disregard for Everything That Is Good and Decent”

    I’m excited the share the art I contributed to Galler 1988’s Another Art Show About Nothing.  I had the idea over a year ago for their first Seinfeld inspired art show,  but unfortunately was very busy at the time and only got a chance to make some preliminary sketches (stay tuned,  I’ll try Read more about Seinfeld Print: “Utter Disregard for Everything That Is Good and Decent”[…]

Butts Butts Butts – Bob’s Burgers Print

Bob’sBurgers may be my favorite show on TV right now. There are many shows my wife and I love, but Bob’s Burgers literally the only one show we carve out time from our busy schedules to watch regularly. That’s why I’m super excited to be a part of Gallery 1988’s official Bob’s Burger’s show with my tribute to Tina Read more about Butts Butts Butts – Bob’s Burgers Print[…]

Sega vs Nintendo – Console Wars Prints

  This is my print set for Gallery 1988’s “Console Wars” exhibit, celebrating the bloody conflict between gaming system giants. “Mega Awesome Control Pad vs Super Rad Controller” Print Set $50.00 digital print set 9 x 9 inches each signed and numbered, limited edition of 100 inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario World Read more about Sega vs Nintendo – Console Wars Prints[…]

FlipBooKit Show 2 @ grumpy bert

Really excited to about this FlipBooKit show at grumpybert , not just because I get to share my new animation sculptue thing, but because last years show was so much fun. They’ve gotten a great bunch of artists to make some pretty cool animated flip book boxes. I definitely recommend anyone in the Brooklyn NY area Read more about FlipBooKit Show 2 @ grumpy bert[…]

Super Game Bro 3

This is my new piece for Guzu Gallery’s “High Scores” show this month in Austin TX.   Details: 12x16in Five-color screen print (with gold metallic ink on the “Seal of Awesome”.) Printed by the artist Signed & Numbered edition of 30 $40 ea (Buy the print) Process: Show Info:     UPDATE: Added link to purchase.

Robotech Print: Sea Dragon Brothers

QPop Shop invited me to make a piece for their new show Sea Dragon Brothers: Tatsunoko Pro Tribute Art Show. The Tatsunoko Brothers created many memorable animated shows such as  Speed Racer, Time Bokan series, Gatchaman, and Super Dimension Fortress Macross (known as Robotech in the US). I chose to work with Robotech because it was the series from Tatsunoko that Read more about Robotech Print: Sea Dragon Brothers[…]