Art by Brian Elig Color by Jason Das

HallowZINE! — A mini zine fest by Brooklyn Draw Jam

Hey beastly Brooklynite and necromancing New Yorkers, I’ll be at this mini zine fest. Some spooky stuff I might be bringing with me… Event Details Shoestring Studio and Brooklyn Draw Jam present HallowZINE, a comix and print fair! Saturday, October 29, 2016. 12-7pm. @ Shoestring Studio, 640 Classon Avenue (between Bergen and Dean) Many vendors! Read more about HallowZINE! — A mini zine fest by Brooklyn Draw Jam[…]

Sketch Zone Podcast Interview: That New Mac Smell

  Last night I had the pleasure to and the honor of chatting with Carlos Gomez and Charlie B Williams III on their Sketch Zone Podcast. We talk about all sorts of random stuff like New York Comic Con, my drawing process, and scented candles. Listen: Artist Spotlight: Cesar Veraga – Paul Braddock – Willie Cox – Read more about Sketch Zone Podcast Interview: That New Mac Smell[…]

Build Turbines, Not Pipelines

This is my reaction to the idea of yet another massive oil pipeline project going right through the heart of the US.  Yes, i know we still need to maintain the current oil-based energy infrastructure to some extent for the time being, but do we really need a to build something that’s is almost guaranteed to leak and cause damage.  If we’re going to Read more about Build Turbines, Not Pipelines[…]

Stranger Things Demogorgon Cartoonified

I’ve had a slew of visuals stuck in my head ever since I watched the Stranger Things series from the Duffer Brothers. For some reason one thing i really wanted to try was making the series’ inter-dimesional monster in my cartoon style. Maybe because its form was so wonky and vague, hidden in the shadows in the show itself, I just Read more about Stranger Things Demogorgon Cartoonified[…]

Master of One Podcast 34.2: Designers Panel Discussion

I’m very glad to take part of the Master of One Podcast  for the second time. I had a great time hanging out on Skype and recording a chat with fellow designers & illustrators Ryan Davis, Brian “Doc” Reed, and Nick Morrison. We get into our struggles and trade tips on making a name for yourself in today’s online landscape. Read more about Master of One Podcast 34.2: Designers Panel Discussion[…]