Seinfeld Print: “Utter Disregard for Everything That Is Good and Decent”

Seinfeld Print



I’m excited the share the art I contributed to Galler 1988’s Another Art Show About Nothing. 

I had the idea over a year ago for their first Seinfeld inspired art show,  but unfortunately was very busy at the time and only got a chance to make some preliminary sketches (stay tuned,  I’ll try to dig those up). Luckily,  they had Another Art Show About Nothing this year,  so I had an excuse to revive the concept.

The piece’s “Utter Disregard for Everything That Is Good and Decent” is based on the contptuous speech  Judge Vandelay gave while handed down onto Jerry,  Elaine,  George and Kramer in the series finale.

Itried to squeeze in episode references throughout the art,  including the show’s logo.  Can you spot them all?


The giclee art print is available online at Gallery 1988 in two sizes:

13×19 in

9×12 in

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