Stay Sane, Go Vote


Want to watch live election coverage without the network TV cheesiness or cable news blowhards?
Here’s a few options that will offer insight, analysis, and straight up mockery to help us through the night. Most you can stream live to your TV via Roku/Chromecast/AppleTV. And yes, they all lean left, because truth n stuff…
Democracy NOW!  @ 7pm — straight reporting with lefty viewpoint:

TWIB (This Week In Blackness) @ 9pm EST— Good hangs and lulz, shade throwing to go around:

Majority Report @ 4:30pm EST—Wonky analysis + wonky jokes. Can be dense and lot s of inside jokes/characters they do, but generally good predictions, thinking a few steps ahead:

TYT (The Young Turks) @ 1pm EST— Much Lulz and mockery. Not always my favorite. Maybe a bit too much mockery. But not a bad choice:




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