Sketch Zone Podcast Interview: That New Mac Smell



Last night I had the pleasure to and the honor of chatting with Carlos Gomez and Charlie B Williams III on their Sketch Zone Podcast.

We talk about all sorts of random stuff like New York Comic Con, my drawing process, and scented candles.


Artist Spotlight:
Cesar Veraga –
Paul Braddock –
Willie Cox –
Luca Buvoli –

Links from the Show:
Laura Galbraith –
Kingspray Graffiti –
Tilt Brush –
10,000 Hours Debunked –

Profile Links
Nate Bear – Twitter: @NateBear
Sketch Zone – Twitter: @SketchZone
Carlos R. Gomez – Twitter: @CoconutJustice
Jack Kasprzak – Twitter: @SketchbookJack (GET WELL SOON, JACK!)
Charlie B. Williams III – Twitter: @CBW3

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