Comic Avatar Hero Posters for Imperative


I’ve had to good luck to work with Imperative on a number of projects of the past few years. They have program to help business and individuals find greater in their careers and in life. One way they start the process is through a user questionaire to determine your “purpose type”. Recently the came to me to help create a new feature that generates a comic book cover to summarize your type.

You can fill out their survey and find your purpose type.



Imperative - Bring Purpose to Your Work-1

This is me. I’m The Inquirer. I’m also a bear, of course. You get to choose your hero animal.



This project was very text heavy. To speed up the process of adding all the copy, I created a custom typeface from my comic lettering. It also helps to maintain consistency of the type, while matching the hand-made feel of the rest of the visuals. Moreover it allowed the client to quickly make edits to the copy later on without having to come back to me for changes.

Some of my favorite titles and animal heroes.

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