Hair Level 9000!?


Here’s my piece-o-work, Dragon Ball work. It’s for the Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Tribute show at Q Pop Shop in LA next week.

I had fun getting back into the mythology of the universe. I forgot how much I loved Dragon Ball and used to watch Dragon Ball Z religiously after school back in the day. I even watched the Spanish dubs (or were they subs?…) that came on Spanish TV because they edited out fewer scenes. I went through so many jars of hair wax trying to get my Vegeta hair going on.

Speaking of overdone hair, for this highly anachronistic print I imagine Goku is powering up to Super Saiyan Level 24 or something (or does his hair turn back to black at even levels of Super-ness?)

I kinda wish I squeezed in more characters, but there are some limits to Goku’s hair… right? Who else do you think should be caught up in his do?


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