Nicolas Cage Donut to save The Cinnamon Snail

My buddies over at The Cinnamon Snail need help getting their scrumptastic vegan food truck back on streets of New York City & New Jersey. To do that they need to buy and refurbish a brand new truck that will be more reliable than the current one. They’ve started a Kickstarter to help pay for the new truck and the renovations.

As part of the effort I’m involved in 2 different rewards. For $50 you get a thirst with my drawing ofa vegan donut squeezing plane juice out of air force one. (I’m still not sure why).


And for all you fancy big pocket backers you can lay down $250 for the Snail a  do a portrait of you combined with your favorite donut (or any other desert really). I made this digital painting of Nicolas Cage as what we suspect would be his favorite, the toasted pistachio cake donut.


And heres are some preliminary sketches i did on the subway…

End of blog post. Don’t forget to help the Snail.

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