Super Sonic Bros. Print

What’s this? Its my latest piece, Super Sonic Bros. screen print, a mash-up of everyone’s favorite classic video game heroes.



I made this for Bottleneck Gallery’sgroup show “Where is My Mind” featuring pop-culture inspired psychedelic art.

The show opens Friday, July 12th at 7pm and runs to Friday, July 26th.

Online sale begins on Saturday July, 14 at noon EST. (will post a link when it’s available)

Bottleneck Galley
60 Broadway | Brooklyn, New York 11249

Again, I used Manga Studio 5 to create the final artwork. The options on the layers panel make it super easy to design art for spot color screen printing. (Warning lots of printer jargon for the rest of this paragraph). You can convert any layer (or even group of layers!) to halftone dots with a single click. And unlike with Photoshop it’s a non permanent filter with a live preview so I can draw and shade while a layer is in halftone  mode and see changes in real-time. In Photoshop it takes a few more step and I have to repeat them ever time you make a change. However, I ended up using that feature more as preview of how the dots will probably look and how the colors will mix etc. The print shop I went with rips their own halftones when they make screens. Although, it’s nice to know that I could do it myself in seconds if I needed to, and that i can switch it of when I don’t.

Manga Studio

Shading layer with blue monotone turned on.

Manga Studio-Halftone

Same layer with halftone dots turned on.

I also tried to take screenshots of the piece as worked on it. Below is a gallery of some of the steps I captured.

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