Sherbet Lock Pin-Up Illustration

Sherbet Lock Pin-Up

I recently had the pleasure of creating a pin-up illustration of Sherbet Lock for my friend Michael Vincent Bramley.He seems to be collection illustrations of his very own character for some unkown reason. I couldn’t imagine why, and I’m afraid to ask because I’m sure  unimaginably terrible purpose. However when Michael asked me to   contribute to his vile addiction, I was happy to oblige. Fore you see my fare readers, I’m addicted too. Addicted to drawing! Muahahahahahaha.

Anyway….. I think this is the first finished piece that I created in Manga Studio 5. I love all the new brushes and pen tools. I really enjoyed watercolor/inkwash effects I was able to achieve.

This was also my first finished illustration I created using my new (ish) Yiynova MSP19U, aka a Cintiq-like tablet without the price tag. Drawing directly on the screen was a huge time saver and I was able to improvise a lote more with my inking, (almost) just like when I work on paper. Normally while inking digitally, I would have to draw a lot more of details in my pencil draft and try to follow them pretty faithfully with my inking lines. However, with this piece i was able to quickly and naturally  make upa lot of the background details as i went. Heck, It feels so natural and fluid,  I can even do sketching digitally, and save the time of digitizing my pencil work.

Below is a slideshow of the steps of my creative process. I dont’ usually go through so many draft iterations before a finished piece. Normally I do one or two initial sketches before I move onto digital inking, but  because this scene was rather complicated and i found it helpful to develop this image more thoroughly by slowing down the process and adding a couple intermediate steps.

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I also took advantage of Behance‘s work-in-progress page to document my process. Definitely check out my WiP page for this project if you want to see larger images and soem more details about my process.

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