Post-MoCCA Photo Gallery

MoCCA Fest was a whopping success this year. We were very impressed with the new set-up implemented by MoCCA’s new benevolent over-lords, The Society of Illustrators. There were many differences from previous years, mos tof them great. The curtain dividers between rows meant everyone automatically got some space to hang their banners and art, and less background noise (although I still lost my voice fora bit from talking over the crowd all day). The MoCCA Museum Gallery was a pleasant addition. Loved seeing all the original cartoon art (see the photo gallery below). The fancy aisle banners and full-color commemorative booklet were nice touches too. The booklet looked great and included a picture and blurb from every single exhibitor. One very excited little girl even asked me to sign our page in the booklet.

As for EyeHeartUs (aka Laura G + me), all the improvement by SOI must have helped since our sales practically doubled over last year. I dunno if it was the crowd the attracted or the presentation or just us , but most other tablers I talked to seamed to be doing better as well. We’re definitely looking forward to another year of SOI at the helm. Overall I had lots of fun. Seems like we comics festivals are the only time we get to see half our friends nowadays. It was great to see and meet so many creative people and discover their work.

Speaking of new work. Two of my comics debuted at MoCCA Fest: my new mini Who Wants Meat? and the comic I contributed to the second Three Armed Squid anthology. You can check out photos of both along with other snapshots from the weekend.

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