Process Videocast

I started doing live Google+ Hangouts to broadcast my art creation process, and a new Youtube channel so you can anyone can watch the recordings after the fact.

I’ll try to give notice on social media before I start live broadcasts so you all can tune in. So follow me on Facebook and Twitter etc to get notified/


As for the first video…

“Nutz Butta: Digital Inking in Manga Studio – pt 2”


Yes I know, the first video is “part 2”. I recorded part 1 before I started doing the broadcast, so it’s still on my hard drive until I edit it.

In this video I’m inking a comic that I’m contribution to the next issue of the  Three Armed Squid.

I’m inking digitally over scanned pencil sketches i drew earlier (the red under drawing). I’m using Manga Studio‘s vector pen tool with a custom tip shape. The magenta lines that i turn on and off periodically represent the vector paths of the en strokes. Notice how easy it is for me to erase the parts of pen strokes that overlap each other.


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