Back Bear Stickers + Otakon 2012

First off, I just want to let the universe know that this weekend I, along with Laura Galbraith and Alice Meichi, will be be tabling at Otakon, the east coast’s premiere anime and comics convention, taking place in Baltimore, MD. Sources tell me our table is R13 in the Artists’ Alley. So if you are within the gravitational pull of that star system it would be nice to see y’all before you get sucking into the gravitational pull of all the amazing costumes that will surely be there. This will be my first time in both Baltimore and to Otakon.  Super excited!

Below are some new stickers I made this week with a brand new drawing in preparation for Otakon. It started as a possible tattoo idea, but then I thought, “This would look way rad on silver. Too bad I don’t have silver skin … but i do have silver sticker paper…”


First print came out perfect. So far so good…


Next page: not so good. Apparently silver paper likes to clog things. Apparently, i need to cleanse the toner drum between sheets. This is one of the scrap pages.


Eventually I stopped wasting paper, and came up with a pile of shiny stickers! Hooray!

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