Mega Man Tribute: Kitchen of Spoils

Hazaa! The moment has finally arrived when I can share my contribution to Udon Entertainment’s Megaman Tribute book. So basically for this piece I thought it would be fun to see what ol’ Rock Man would do with different bosses’s head. I mean they all have these silly heads that resemble household objects anyway.

The Book is premiering at the San Diego Comic-con at the UDON booth (#5037), July 20-24. Or if yo can’t make it to Comic-con this year, like me :'(, then you can pre-order the hardcover or softcover version online. How novel, you can order things you desire from the internet for postal delivery to your door so that you may possess them!

What’s that you say, you wat to see a printed version of my piece but nothing else in the book? First off, what’s wrong with you, there are soem many talented artist in the book it will make you circuits melt. Secondly, I have a solution for you, prints of the piece are now available in the Eye Heart Us store.

Did anyone else ever wear a blue sweatshirt and pull the sleeve over your left arm to pretend you were Mega? Just wondering…

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