Illustration Friday: “Equipment”

Haven’t heard from me in a while, eh kiddos? Been a little busy round these parts for the past few weeks, but I finally made some time to do some personal work. Well, sorta personal. An Illustration Friday assignment, which i guess is half-way personal. Been doing a lot of blending lately and somehow I stumbled upon the theme of amputation…so a pirate with a blender for a hand was the natural choice for the “equipment” theme.
I promise there will be more complete sentences. In the future.

6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: “Equipment”

  • I love your pirate! He looks nice and relaxed! (just like how I want to look for this upcoming weekend!)

    Nice work!

  • Nice work. I especially like the armpit hair. It's one of those character details that adds a lot to the drawing.

  • What a great idea! It's settled: if I ever lose a hand it's getting replaced with a blender. Wonderful illustration!

  • Thanks everyone!

    @Sarah: I'd go for a dremel myself.

    @Dave: If it were bigger I'd do nostril hair too. I almost left out the arm hair from the sketch, but luckily i remembered it last minute.

    @Melinda: ENjoy your weekend!? Anything special? WHy don't you enjoy your weekdays while you're at it. 😉

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