We’re engaged!

So just before Christmas break I proposed to my sweetheart, Laura. I
popped the question through a mini-comic with a hidden fold-in message.

A couple weeks before I accidentally blabbed that was getting her a
super secret surprise. I was about to tell her about a similar marriage proposal concieved by Australian illustrator, Guy Shield. But I stopped myself mid-sentence realized it would be a far better idea to show Laura, than tell her. >:)

Luckily she had no idea what her gift was going to
be. I kept telling her it was gonna be a pumpkin because she never
got to carve one for Halloween. (Thus the gag on the last page.) By the time i gave it to her she had sussed out the fact that card was involved, but she was still caught totally off-guard when she read the fold-in surprise.

Here are photos of the comic plus a PDF for clearer viewing:

Notice how the pictures form an engagement ring. Shoudl made the game store clerk yellow…
Laura modeling her the actual ring next to the card.

Here:s the PDF. Click the “full screen” button that pops up when you hover.

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