Custom Trikky in Progress

So my good friend picked me up a Kidrobot vinyl figure the other day as an early holiday present. It’s my first custom anything, so my fiancé, who has some experience in these matters, is helping me out. In fact she’s done 99% of the physical painting so far.

Only Image of a blank TRIKKY I could find online. We used it to figure out what colors would go where and to work out the palette.

Originally it was gonna be a panda but then we decided turquoise would be an awesome color. So now it’s some sort of fanged mammal in a one-piece. She’ll probably be up for sale when she’s done. Finally, something to go in my Etsy store.

Customized a MUNNY template floating around the ned so I could visualize the shapes better. The task was sort of redundant since we already started painting ti by the time i drew on the template. I still think It helps.

And here’s the phsyical figure as it appears now with approximate locations of the body parts.

Of course I’ll post more pix when we get further along. L8r!

UPDATE: Decided to share the blank version of the Trikky Template. So download away.

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