Hungry Yogi

Since, I finally gave my pal the finished canvas print of this piece (it were a surprise!), I can feel safe posting a copy here without fearing it might be discovered prematurely. (did that make sense?) Anyway here it is.It combines THR33 of Adam’s favorite pastimes: yoga, music, and food! I had been wanting to give him a sweet pic for forever. When I finally sat down to create it i looked at my roomie’s yoga books for inspiration. Then I saw some pic of a woman meditation with a bowl and her arm was in some unnatural position and it just stood out to me. It was one of the cheesier pics in the book.

Then BAM!, there it was. Not much brainstorming went into this. This is pretty much the first thoguht that came to my mind. Spent more tim working out the compostion than anything else in the beginning.

Then I redrew the whole thing in illustrator with my trusty ol’ Wacom. And spent the better part of of 2 weeks coloring and tweaking it out.

Later i’ll have to post a photo of the final canvass print a sit hangs in Adam’s home.

Oh, and of cours it’s also available as a swell T-SHirt

Hope ya enjoy it.

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